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The Main Event:

The Great Raffle

(Event is still in progress)

From --/--/-- until --/--/-- a large amount of cities will be randomly selected nationwide across the U.S to start off this years late beginning to the C.L.A.N.N events.

you the people, will decide and select the city of your choice by your vote. Done as so, when the top 10 cities are selected this will automatically notify C.L.A.N.N and any other affiliates to send groups selected by us to visit only the one out of the 10 cities selected at random. After the results come in we will leave behind a hidden message in YOUR city.
After this happens it will be up to you all on whether you have enough courage, intelligence, and co-operation to find these clues. 

The reward is classified and the stakes are high.

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The Process:

1. Cities across the United states will be selected at random at a max of only 10 to be showcased for the audience vote and only 100 city slots available to register to possibly be showcased in the top 10 chosen.
Pre-register your city here: [email protected]
                                                                      (Name of e-mail subject must have #45 before any mailing action is taken)
register dates:12/01/2020-03/02/2021
2. Once these 10 cities have been randomized and chosen it will be up to the audience(you) to decide on which one you would prefer sent by email giving us the name of the city you voted for. One city can only be chosen out of the top 10 as each one gets more votes, the higher it is for one's preferred city to be chosen during the random selection.
Vote here:                              [email protected]
                                                                                   (Name of e-mail subject must have #55 before any mailing action is taken) 
 Voting dates/vote take in(s):12/01/2020-03/02/2021
3. once these steps are over we will send people from our specific groups we are currently co-operating with(such as N.a.v.a.d.a, Huro Leegue and more) leaving you all hidden messages to hopefully find in your area of the city.

4. Clues will be left behind on our website asking you to take immediate action by reading articles, finding accounts, or even venturing off to the outside world etc.

5. Once the last person finds the last hidden message the main event will close down, leaving the winning finders anonymous along with their reward as well as being added on the the event leaderboard here on this page and on the C.L.A.N.N website.

"We wish you the best of luck on your first hunt down and hope you savor every adventure you can, see you at the finish line." 
     - C.L.A.N.N

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"We the people."

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"We the people."

The Process

Shareasset accounts are being established right now as you are reading this. Once you follow your choice of as many accounts as you would like, you have just now locked in your fair share of the accounts income permanently. To decline all of your profit simply just unfollow. The platform that these accounts may be on vary widely. This can go as far from twitter, Instagram, or any other money granting platform.

1. "Intro to finding me."

You can find accounts like these throughout the C.L.A.N.N website advertised and shared in common areas such as: homepage, all events, Void.A and B links etc. then click the link or whatever form of connection that grants you access to that account(or any way available to access them). 

2. "Creators joining in?"

If you are ever in the case of wanting to become a  shareasset account owner/holder who is verified by C.L.A.N.N and publicly affiliating with this event,  we highly recommend you to inform or notify us through an email about your query or interest down below. Keep in mind your job is a serious job and may result in penalties for lack of success or intentional actions involving failure although in many cases, your success with us is inevitable.
E-mail: πšŒπš•πšŠπš—πš—.πš‹πšŠπšœπšŽπŸΆπŸ·@πš™πš˜πšœπš.πšŒπš˜πš–

3. Crowded vs. Stabilized 

For your guaranteed protection and safety of your accounts income, if in the case NOT ALL but some shareasset accounts offered by C.L.A.N.N may enter a form of privacy ONLY if profit can still be gained or made while still providing for its followers. Although due to high traffic volumes on the accounts along with the issue that everyone may not gain their own fair share, leaves two options open. Currently it will be divided and organized fairly, some accounts will be crowdasset(public) accounts(large and rapidly growing populated accounts available to the public as well as the profit) and a very low amount will be stabilizedasset(private) accounts(the increasing population stops preventing any growth for the account, making the profit gained only available to the few select followers following the private account). C.L.A.N.N itself in many rare cases  will usually not be the one to decide whether this happens to the account or not but instead by the accounts followers on whether they want to grow the profit or keep the income they have permanently. Please understand this game is a fair share event only, Always remember rule 1. First come, first served, second come second served no special preferences or assistance not unless any level of hardcore cheating is noticed such as: Hacking the shareasset account, banning any fellow shareasset account income shareholders(owner/followers) or anything beyond such things etc.

"We wish you the best of luck contestant and may all be well with you on your journey." - C.L.A.N.N

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