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As a Contestant

Hi, we noticed your most likely one of our contestants for the C.L.A.N.N Events. What your doing is a very big deal in the economy and society as of right now! so let us help you do it right. Yes this can change your life, so let me proceed with the instructions as your current temporary online webpage guide. Bare with me and goodluck!

The Contestant:
opt. 1(highly recommended)
Engaging in the C.L.A.N.N events?
It is not required but highly recommended as of now that you contact our email down below, once you do, you will automatically be fully registered. Once you do this, you will not only be completely registered but verified, recognized by C.L.A.N.N, and will be able to receive the full reward in the case that you are a possible event successor(winner). 
Please follow the instructions.

Engaging just for the event?
Even though our events are not requiring you to register with C.L.A.N.N, it is still open to the public and possible for you to still be an event contestee and gain only the partial amount of the reward since we as C.L.A.N.N do not know you.
Public event contesters are currently accepted and tolerated by C.LA.N.N and are more than free to engage in the C.L.A.N.N Events.

opt.2 1/2 (U-turning)
If you are ever in the case of being a public contester completing our event and return as a holding winner you are still able to register with C.L.A.N.N by returning to opt. 1 to get your full reward from C.L.A..N.N by sending us the special victor code on your retrieved reward. If you decide to refuse the register, it is more than available to have the option to keep your current state as is and stay as an anonymous contestant victor with their retrieved reward(s).

Website based, any anonymous contestants will be recognized and named as anonymous contestant on the temporary event leaderboard. If  number of such winning contestant decide(s) to stay unknown by their choice. You will also not be recognized by C.LA.N.N or any audience or people(s) that take part in C.L.A.N.N. 

NOTICE: Such people(s)/public contestants will be completely unrecognized by anyone but themselves and any (possible) others around them.
If you are a victor of our events
Your place in the temporary event leaderboard will not be permanent and will change as specific events are replaced by the next upcoming event.

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As a holding event Home Champion

Any holding event champions are required to register with C.L.A.N.N and abide by the rule of opt. 1 and cannot at any reason be a public contestant.

Having this title means you are going to be gaining a lot of bonus and rewards regardless of whether you fail to succeed in even one event, here we understand and honor your well put  hard work and effort as it not easy but fair to gain this title.

Rules to gaining this title:
You have to at least succeed(avoid failure) in more than 14 of our several events and have a streak of 5 successful events completed in a row

Once you gain the Event Championship Title you will automatically have a start off limit of ONLY failing 6 of the upcoming events to lose this title.

For each future event that you succeed in will raise your limit from  going below score/reaching zero (completely failing) to increasing your limit, which will stop you from losing your Championship title and being returned as a qualified contestant.
For each event you succeed in, this will increase your title failure limit leading you from a limit of 6 excusable failures to increasing your limit to a max of 9 excusable failures, You will be able to add +3 to your limit of 6 excusable failures per successful event you complete.

If you fall below score (reach zero/completely failing)you will lose your title along with a loss in the future event reward(s) after scoring below zero resulting in any championship contestant to start over completely only this time as a qualified contestant.

 every event you fail or refuse to take part in you will still end up getting the reward(s) for that event as long as your max of 9 excusable failures/absences does not touch or even go below 1 or 0, think of this as a temporary break but stay alert.

Keep notice that at the moment once you are on the Championship leaderboard you will not be removed at all as of now.

If C.L.A.N.N ever does limit the length of how long  a champion is posted on the leaderboard, it will be for only a month before you will be removed to allow space for the next set(event generation) of champions to lead allowing more space and diversity for everyone to take part and join in.
Extra Beneficiaries:
If its in your will as a an event champion you are more than free to take advantage of your quick fame by sharing your social media and gaining followers to earn money, advertise etc. If you'd like to refuse the offer it is more than ok for you to do so.

We are not liable for whatever actions are taken within your social media accounts or things that you do with your audience/popularity, you are solely responsible for yourself and your actions only, not others.

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