black tunnel interior with white lights

Event Agreement

If you are taking any part/action in our event, you automatically are in agreement that C.L.A.N.N will not be left liable or to blame for any mishaps, injuries, failure to co-operate etc. doing so will leave you solely responsible for your actions and how fairly you engage in the C.L.A.N.N events. Failure to abide by this agreement will leave C.L.A.N.N free of any accusations or of blame from our event contestants and non-contestants.

2. Play safe. If you are in the scenario where you feel uncomfortable during the event you have the option(s) to leave/refuse to take part or quit completely. This decision is left up to you and anyone you may be apart of while engaging in the event.

We hope this isn't a big issue for you and it probably wasn't, now lets see you have a successful run during this race and like always "the freedom of possibility is endless."


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